Cowork, move, grow and replenish, all in one space.

Sphere is a coworking and wellness oasis in downtown Oakland created by women. Its mission is to cater to the Whole Womxn so that she has a place to work, move, grow and replenish all in one space. For too long, womxn have compartmentalized their lives, rather than embracing the fluidity and complexity of all their needs. Sphere promises a stimulating working environment alongside workshops, workouts, and wellness.

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The Sphere Experience

Sphere is a comfortable, casual indoor oasis with living walls, abundant natural light, and design touches like plush poufs and brilliant rugs. We’ve designed Sphere to be a respite from high-pressure offices and distracting living environments. We are a coworking space and community as whole as you are, where you can:



Cowork in our lovely open spaces and lounges or in your own private office. You’ll find yourself in a beautiful and stimulating atmosphere, where you can ideate and do what’s important to you.


Have trouble getting to the gym? We’ve brought it to you! All fitness offerings are included with your Sphere membership, including daily classes, and access to Peloton equipment.


Get the support you need to rise to the next level. Sphere offers many opportunities for individuals to work with experts in personal and professional growth.


Learn something new while hanging out with cool women. All membership levels include weekly events on topics such as wellness, entrepreneurship, creativity and writing, and equity.


We make it easy to care for yourself. Sphere has a treatment room for services such as massage, acupuncture, facials, and waxing.

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Read what our members are saying about us:

This is my first experience working inside a co-sharing space. And I have to say I am loving it. This place is extremely friendly, all the staff and members here are approachable. Everyone says hi to one another!! They are very successful at bringing the community together connecting people. Networking here is a breeze! There are yoga classes and meditation every day. Once a month they do a community lunch where they hire a local vendor to cater the event. Tuesday mornings are always a pleasant surprise when you walk in and the oven is on with something delicious to eat. If you need a private space to do your meetings, They have conference rooms of three sizes to accommodate the amount of people in your meetings. reserving these rooms are super easy with their online booking system. They have snacks and tea. That's where most of the magic happens!!! They also sell food in the refrigerator so you don't have to leave the space to feed yourself. Honestly, every day is a new experience because they are striving to do better!

– Frances

Sphere offers a vibrant, creative, yet quiet place for me to come and work. The atmosphere is at once energizing, yet relaxing. I can sit alone in the designated quiet space, or take a call in one of the three phone booths, or sit in the more communal area and network with friendly folks, and just soak up the community vibes. And the fitness and wellness opportunities are really the icing on the cake. Really loving it!

– Cindi

I love this space!! It is warm, beautiful and filled with awesome people committed to doing good work in this world. I feel at home and supported here both internally (with regular meditation and community time)...and externally (with wonderful fitness classes + phone and meeting facilities) that make my life so much more streamlined....vs. driving to different places for meetings and workouts and working...so exhausting!) Thank you sphere for creating this welcoming and wonderful space!

– Cara

Sphere is a beautiful, welcoming space that has saved my sanity! After 4 years of working from home and trying several other workspaces, I have finally found my place. Working from home is very lonely and when I tried other workspaces it was just work from another place but still alone.

Sphere is much more than a workspace. It is a warm community where the staff treat you like an old friend and the members are interesting, inspiring and open to conversation.

I admit I was worried about the cost but the positive impact on my life is priceless! I am so much happier in my work life and so much more productive. And I haven't even mentioned the convenience of having state of the art workout equipment and innovative fitness classes steps away from your desk.

There are not enough hours in the day to allow me to spend all of the time that I want to at Sphere!

– Julie

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Get Your Free Day Pass*

Come in and work for a day! Sip on gourmet coffee while you work, take a fitness class, sit in on one of our workshops, or host a meeting in a conference room. 

*Monday—Friday 8:00 AM — 5:30 PM, first-timers only.

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A Place to Belong

For too long, womxn have compartmentalize their lives, rather than embracing the fluidity and complexity of all their needs. At any given time you may be a student, employee, consultant, artist, entrepreneur, creative, activist, parent, household social director, retiree, or all of the these.

We want Sphere to be a place where you can express all of yourself, in a physical space that’s as warm and inviting as a friend’s home.

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Beaux Arts Elegance

Sphere is located in a beautiful 9,000-square-foot space on the third floor of the historic Oakland Bank of Savings Building in downtown Oakland, California. Designed by prominent architect Charles W. Dickey in 1907, the Oakland Bank of Savings Building was the city’s second steel-frame “skyscraper” and embodied Oakland’s rapid growth after the 1906 earthquake. It’s a fitting symbol of Oakland’s renaissance, and we hope it will spark your personal renaissance, too.

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We've been waiting for you.