Community Lunches at Sphere

When I organize our community lunches, I carefully select each vendor with intention as I know this is a powerful way for us to join in community. I'm so proud to share with you what I've got cookin' for this week!

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gina tegaSphere
My Diversity Journey

I am embarrassed to admit it, but before Sphere, my social network looked a whole lot like me–white straight women, pushing 50 years old, and privileged. Truthfully, I wasn’t fully aware of just how uniform my world had become.

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gina tega
Sphere Spotlight — Lina Buffington

Meet Lina Buffington, an Executive Director for an organization called Nurses for Sexual and Reproductive Health, with a passion project in real estate social entrepreneurship! We were intrigued to learn more about this woman! Read on to hear for yourself…

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Carrie Burch