Roli Roti comes to Sphere!

August is always a hard month for me since this was still considered summer while I was growing up in the Dominican Republic. Now that I have kids in OUSD, school starts this month, which means August comes in like a demolition truck in high gear, ready or not! It's is all about registering for school, buying supplies and snacks, packing lunches, and, of course, adjusting bedtimes so we can wake up earlier and be ready to seize the day.

Since August is a month of so much adjustment for a lot of us in the Sphere community, I kept thinking this month's Community Lunch must be easy, flavorful, simple! So, this week I am bringing one of my all-time favorites, Roli Roti.

I've loved Thomas' rotisserie chicken and potatoes since I first discovered them at the Lakeshore Farmers Market 6 years ago. His food is a staple at my home when I don't have time to make a delicious dinner to feed the whole family. And, they are everywhere. I mean, who hasn't had their famous rotisserie chicken at a farmer's market? Or bought their delicious Butcher's Bone Broth to make soups at home?

I also love Thomas' story. Not only he has stayed true to his Swiss roots but intentionally focuses on serving his local community and supporting Oakland. He is one of the first people to bring the food truck experience to life in the Bay Area. Sometimes you can even still catch him at a farmer's market serving his delicious offerings to his loyal customers.

This week's Community Lunch menu featuring Roli Roti
$11 (one serving per person)

Choice of:
1 Piece of Rotisserie Chicken or 1 Vegetarian Choice
Roasted Potatoes with rosemary salt
Tomatoes, Cucumber & Pickled Red Onion Salad

But wait! There will be enough food for you to take home. We will have compostable "To Go" containers ($1 extra) so that you can pack a serving to bring home to your family for dinner, because who wants to cook on a Friday night!


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