Sphere Spotlight — Ida Bezabeh

It’s our next Sphere Spotlight, and we’re speaking with Ida Bezabeh of We Flourish, a brand new women's wellness community she just got rolling. They focus on creating spaces for women of diverse backgrounds to have conversations and dialog around self-care and what that looks like for each individual. Sounds like she’s in the right place at Sphere, huh? Read on to learn more!


Sphere: Hi Ida, thanks for meeting with us! What a beautiful name!

Ida: Thank you! Ida was a Nubian princess that an Egyptian prince fell in love with. He was supposed to marry an Egyptian princess but he fell in love with Ida, so she’s special. I guess I’m destined to be amazing! *laughs*

Sphere: Tell us a little about you!

Ida: Well, I live in Emeryville and I grew up in the Bay Area, in San Jose. I actually left to L.A. for a bit and came back. I like the culture, diversity, and the chill vibe. I really appreciate the nice sanctuary here, even though it's evolving and changing all the time. I think it's the personalities and the characters that make it a great space.


Sphere: So, how did you find Sphere?

Ida: I remember a conversation with a friend—we were talking about how their are so many great co-working spaces in the city but nothing in Oakland. A few weeks later I found Sphere and all of our dreams have been answered! Plus, there are wellness classes and all kinds of other perks. I’m hooked.

I was excited to find this space and sanctuary in Oakland because I think it's really important to have these type of spaces. I really like the focus on diversity and inclusion, but also being intentional to integrate with the local community and preserving that culture. I love that it’s women owned and fosters community for women in this area. So, thank you for existing!

Sphere: We are thrilled you are here! Let’s tell readers what you work on while at Sphere.

Ida: My day job working is working in healthcare administration at Kaiser. But, my side hustle is working on We Flourish, a women's wellness community I just started. We focus on creating spaces for women of diverse backgrounds to have conversations and dialog around self-care and what that looks like for each individual.

Sphere: Wow! What inspired you to start that?

Ida: We Flourish was the result of my own journey with wellness. I was burned out last year, experiencing emotional roller coasters that made me focus more on my wellness. As I was exploring different spaces, it was really important for me to be in spaces where there was diversity and inclusion in the conversation, because I think a lot off wellness has to do with our identity, the experiences you have, and your personal stressors. I wanted to create a space where I can bring all of my self as a woman, as a person of color, as a daughter of immigrants, and that’s the idea behind We Flourish.

Sphere: What part of your job are you most passionate?

Ida: There is an emphasis in society right now to hustle, work hard, and do all these things, but really taking time to stop and reflect is so important. We lose track of that in our day-to-day hustle and operate on autopilot. I’m excited for the opportunity to help people take a moment to stop and reflect, and connect people that have shared experiences and figure how how we can all support one another.


Sphere: What advice do you have for a young person who wants to do what you do?

Ida: Chill out, relax, stop worrying. Things will work themselves out the way they need too. Be grateful for what is in the current moment and don’t worry about the next best thing. Also, I think being more comfortable being my authentic self and showing up as that in all spaces is something I’m still learning to do.

Sphere: What topics make you light up?

Ida: Right now, self-care and wellness are my jam. I do a lot of stuff in the yoga community, building community, bringing people together, figuring out how to continually shape and evolve how we think about things. I also love to be outdoors, hiking, going to the beach, and tropical environments.


Sphere: What are your favorite Bay Area places?

Ida: I love Tertulia Coffee on Telegraph, that’s definitely my favorite coffee shop. Abesha in Berkeley has the Ethiopian food. Also, Emeryville Marina is my favorite place to walk near my home, it’s so pretty.

Sphere: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Ida! We are so glad you are part of the community!

You can follow Ida’s business journey on Instagram @weflourishco, and https://www.weflourishco.com.

Carrie Burch