Community Lunch with Two Mamacitas

I’m excited about what we have in store for you this week! We have a fantastic Community Lunch planned thanks to Heather Gersh, our Fitness and Wellness Director, and official pop-up queen! Heather is always looking for local womxn-owned businesses that we can introduce to our Sphere community as part of our commitment to collaborating with and supporting our local community.

Heather recently introduced me to the fantastic Perla Yasmeen Meléndez, of Two Mamacitas. LA-born with strong cultural roots in Mexico, Perla is the owner of this Oakland-based catering company, specializing in authentic Latin America and Caribbean food that is organic and locally sourced. She is also a Doula and has created an amazing postpartum meal plan to help women heal back through food.

As a fellow Latina entrepreneur, I especially loved hearing the story of Perla's journey. Like so many other Latinos and Latinas, she is here creating a better life for herself and building a community of her own while simultaneously preserving the values and traditions that make our culture unique.

While it feels like the current political environment is stripping us of our culture, I've always felt like Oakland's community embraces individuality and traditions, which is one of the biggest reasons I feel that I belong here and at Sphere.

Loving and supporting the Latinas is needed more than ever in response to what is happening in our country. So I feel excited and proud to bring the unique and distinct flavors of the culture Perla and I share to the Sphere community where we can show some Latino love through food!

Please join me on Friday, August 16th at 12:00 PM to eat in community and celebrate Perla and Two Mamacitas.


Community Lunch featuring Two Mamacitas 
$11 (one serving per person)

Choice of:
- One Tamale (chicken, chile & cheese, or vegan)
- Jicama or red cabbage slaw
- Cilanto rice
- Slow-cooked black beans
- Agua Fresca

And like last time, we will have compostable "To Go" containers ($1 more), so that you can pack a serving (or more) to bring home! Because who wants to cook on a Friday night?

About Two Mamacitas
Perla Yasmeen Meléndez is a chef, artist, educator, and kitchen curandera. She is the owner of Two Mamacitas Pop-Up Kitchen, an Oakland-based catering company specializing in Latin American and Caribbean Cuisine using local, organic, and seasonal ingredients. But wait that's not all–after completing a doula training program three years ago, Perla began incorporating healing Postpartum Meals into her work with Two Mamacitas. She loves seeing people light up with joy when eating her food. Perla is inspired by Mother Nature's color palette, intelligence, and resilience. She believes that using plants to heal is a revolutionary act. (She loves revolutionary acts!) She loves harnessing the healing power of plants in her cooking, artwork, and daily life. Perla spends most of her time cooking, daydreaming about what to cook next, swooning at all the produce at the Berkeley Bowl, and caring for her plants. More at Two Mamacitas.

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