A celebration community lunch

Hello community!

I’m coming off a great week where we celebrated so many amazing things. From Sphere member achievements to our Pride Potluck Happy Hour, we are certainly building a community worth celebrating every week.

So thinking of celebration and Pride, this week we are bringing lunch from a queer-owned and beloved local joint: Cafe Gabriela.

In chef and co-owner Penny Baldado’s words: “Cafe Gabriela came into being when I was frustrated with my old job. I felt like there was a lot of exploitation, and people not caring about their workers, the product that they were creating. I worked so hard, but I felt unappreciated. So I educated myself on how I can create my own business by going through small business classes/courses, aligned myself non-profit organizations that guided me through the process, read a lot of books and dreamt and thought about Cafe Gabriela a lot.

I named Cafe Gabriela after Gabriela Silang, a Filipino hero who fought against the Spanish in the 1800s. She has inspired a lot of Filipinos, women in particular, to fight against oppression. I needed an inspiration when things got rough, when I have my own self-doubt, I thought about her and all the people, especially women in my life that have inspired and supported me, taught me how to become a better person through their actions and words”.

As an immigrant business owner, I relate to Penny in so many ways. For me and all of us at Sphere, it is extremely important that our community feels and knows that we see you. Just as you are. And that our doors are always welcoming and inclusive.

We are honored and grateful to have Penny’s delicious food at our kitchen this Friday. We will be serving a variety of their signature sandwiches (including the ever famous Pulled Pork) and a refreshing side salad. So come and sit with us and help us celebrate community. And don’t forget to take time to meet a fellow member and share stories of great food memories with each other.


Community Lunch featuring Cafe Gabriela
$12 (one serving per person)


  • 1 sandwich (meat, vegetarian or vegan choice)

  • Arugula and spring mix salad

  • Chocolate chip cookie

gina tega