Irving–the man, the legend!


By now, you’ve probably met Irving Martinez, the ray of sunshine in the building lobby. Irving keeps things running smoothly and always greets visitors with a smile - it’s high time I gave him a shoutout for all his hard work.

Irving’s pictured above with his daughter, Kairi, and to the left performing his music - a motivating passion in his life. I asked him a few q’s and learned some really cool things about him…for example - he loves horror movies, drinks at least two gallons of water a day, and knows some of the best parks in the East Bay to go play with your kids. Read on!


Irving, what do you love best about your job?

I love working at 1212 Broadway! Especially because the people here make it so fun and it’s a real loving community. I’ve met athletes here, lawyers, marijuana connoisseurs, actors, models, and artists. I’ve picked up certain gems of knowledge by getting to know all these people in their respective fields.

What motivates you?

My daughter motivates me, and my struggle of where I came from. I was born in Mexico, and coming to the USA at 7 years old, I knew I had to prove myself. Learning English was tough and growing up in east Oakland can be a struggle on its own. I had one of my best friends murdered in front of Oakland High when we were both 17. That’s what motivates me - to do music and make the world see my vision. I also practice boxing and Jiu-Jitsu which keeps me motivated, fit, activated, sane and happy.

Tell us a little about your life outside of 1212 Broadway.

My life outside consists of spending time with my daughter, working out, making music, watching new movies (especially horror movies I love them) spending time with friends, and going to college. I love to eat healthy. I don’t like fast food and I love to challenge myself physically and mentally. I like to box with my friends and go to Jiu-Jitsu studios.

What are some of your favorite places to relax in Oakland?

In Oakland I love to go to Complex Night Club especially when I perform there. I like going to Jack London Square. Yogurt Land in Alameda is where I go when I need to eat something sweet and refreshing without sacrificing my gains. Sometimes I stroll through my old neighborhoods to visit old friends and to see how much the community has changed. If you want a place to take your kids, the best park in Oakland is Joaquin Miller in the Skyline Hills.

I love to go to the Army base in Alameda and run just so I can witness the majestic WWII battleships, especially the USS Hornet. The other day a whale got stuck there and me and some friends saw it jumping in and out the water - it was amazing!

And last but not least, 1212 Broadway is one of my favorite places to be, especially on days when I can go to the top floor and see the Tribune Tower. It reminds me of how far I’ve come. Thank you for listing to my humble story.

Irving, you’re the best and thank you for sharing!

gina tega