My Diversity Journey

I am embarrassed to admit it, but before Sphere, my social network looked a whole lot like me–white straight women, pushing 50 years old, and privileged. Truthfully, I wasn’t fully aware of just how uniform my world had become. I suspect this was in part due to the unspoken assumption that if I’m a white, liberal, female and have compassion for all people, I must already be in community with them. The sad truth was that I didn’t spend much time with people who didn’t look like me, vote like me, talk like me, or live experiences different than mine. My world was starkly homogenous.

From the beginning, our goal for Sphere was to create a space where a diverse group of womxn would come together in a real space, in real time, and feel like they belonged. What I didn’t fully appreciate was how the magnitude of this shift in community would shape my personal lens for everything. With a staff and rapidly growing membership made up of over 50% womxn of color, and a vibrant queer community, what I’m learning at work is bleeding over to all aspects of my life.

Today, I’m in regular conversation with womxn whose experiences and viewpoints are nothing like mine. I always believed that the intersectionality of our differences is what creates excellence in thought and action, but before Sphere, I didn’t have access to an environment where I could personally experience the power of diversity. I’m so grateful for the transformation I have experienced since our doors have opened that has irrevocably changed my perspective and life. I’m excited to continue this journey of learning while broadening my personal sphere.

Sphere CEO and Co-Founder

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