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Leslye Robbins, LCSW

Quality therapy can be life altering, especially when one is motivated and open to the process of change. Leslye’s approach is to work actively and collaboratively, to identify tangible goals that lead to practical solutions. Her hope is that discussions will be meaningful, lively and thought provoking, even as the content may be emotionally challenging. At the end of most sessions, you will collaborate to design homework, in order to extend or apply the ideas we come to during session.

Leslye enjoys working with adults of all ages who are trying to balance personal needs, relationships, family and career. Her clients appreciate her straightforward, conversational style of interacting, and warmly inquisitive, and empathically confrontational approach.

A Place for Support

At various points in our lives, we may need to work with an expert guide who can help us overcome barriers and see new possibilities.

If you crave some focused advice, want to create an action plan for change, or need deeper help with life issues, Sphere can connect you with experienced coaches and therapists.

Sphere experts can help with personal and professional growth, financial planning and even nutritional counseling. We also offer access to licensed psychotherapists trained to address psychological issues such as anxiety/depression, parenting, and relationships.

Coaches and therapists conduct private sessions in dedicated offices at Sphere separate from the main coworking space.

If there’s an area in which you’d like help that you don’t see above, just ask us. Chances are, we know someone!

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