Your next conversation
could change your life.


The Importance of Community

Why do we place such a strong emphasis on in-person community at Sphere? Because we believe that as great as the Internet is, there’s no substitute for face-to-face conversation. We all benefit from being part of a supportive community.

To nurture connection and community, Sphere offers physical spaces that encourage conversations, events that inspire us to learn from each other, and resources that allow us to share our talents, knowledge and ideas.

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Find Places to Connect

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Close your laptop, turn your cell phone ringer off and curl up in this quiet corner with a good book and a blanket.

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No need to rush back to your desk: Savor your lunch—and some great conversation—in this lively gathering space. (Cafe society rules!)

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Take a coffee-and-snack break while you chat with your Sphere sisters.

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Conference Rooms

Meet with one person or 20 in our fully decked-out meeting rooms.

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Recording Room


Podcasting and video blogs (vlogs) give women tremendous opportunities to reach audiences. Let us help you connect to yours in the Sphere recording studio. You’ll find the setting and equipment you need to speak up and out to your community.

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Expand Your Knowledge


Included in your membership are a variety of talks and workshops on topics such as entrepreneurship, wellness, creativity and writing.

We also host prominent speakers and thought leaders for special signature evening events. 

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Expand your circle.
Expand your Sphere.

Discover the many resources in your Sphere. 

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