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Sphere Equity Practices


Diversity Committee

At Sphere, we value the voices and experiences of women from historically marginalized backgrounds. We are working to create a space that feels not just safe and accessible to all, but truly meets the diverse needs of the entire community. The Diversity Committee is one of the ways that Sphere creates space for the voices of women from historically marginalized backgrounds to help shape the direction, programming, and events planning at Sphere. The diversity committee will include women from diverse backgrounds who will meet regularly. Women on this committee can receive a Community Funded Membership for their time and energy.


The Diversity and Equity Coordinator, in collaboration with the Diversity Committee, will help set, monitor and adjust the equity, diversity and accessibility goals for the Sphere community. The Diversity and Equity Coordinator is a point person for members and staff and will help identify workshops, trainings, events, and policies that will meet the diversity and equity goals of the community. If you have comments, questions, or would just like to meet Sphere’s Diversity and Equity Coordinator, Lily Williams, please do not hesitate! You can reach her at diversity@atmysphere.com.


As a way of making Sphere accessible to ALL women and gender nonconforming individuals, 17% of members receive a fully funded membership. If you identify as a Person of Color, gender non-conforming, or have a disability and are low-income, we would love for you to Apply for a Community Sponsored Membership.


As a way of providing space for women and gender non-conforming individuals from historically marginalized groups to connect and support one another, affinity groups will meet regularly. On Mondays members of color are invited to have lunch together, and our LGBTQISGLQ individuals are invited to meet on Wednesdays.

If there are other affinity group who would like to organize a weekly lunch date, please contact Lily, our Diversity and Equity Manager.


Sphere has set a goal of maximizing the percentage of Sphere Members of Color, gender non-conforming members, and members with disabilities. One of the ways that we achieve this goal is by creating intentional practices. Specifically, Sphere will close registration if the percentage of individuals who do not fall under one of these categories falls below the minimum percentage that Sphere wishes to have.


Sphere has set a goal of maximizing the percentage of Sphere Employees from historically marginalized groups (People of color, people with disabilities, and gender non-conforming individuals). In addition, Sphere prioritizes hiring individuals who have grown up in Oakland. Sphere has set the goal of hiring a minimum of 50% People of Color.


During the registration process, Sphere asks members to voluntarily report demographic information. In addition, brief surveys are taken at events. This allows the Diversity Committee, staff, and Founders to track whether the diversity goals are being met.


Sphere is located in downtown Oakland, just 1 minute away from 12th Street BART and dozens of busses. This helps to minimize barriers to participation resulting from lack of private transportation options. In addition, Sphere has several elevators for full accessibility for people with physical disabilities.

Thank you to East Bay Meditation Center for being our inspiration
and a model for intentional organizational equity practices.

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