General Questions

What is Sphere?

We are a professional workspace complete with open coworking desks, private offices, conference rooms, phone booths, hi-speed fiber WIFI, complimentary printing, IT support, mail service and even a podcast recording studio.

But what makes us unique is that at Sphere you can also:

  • Work out in our fitness studio

  • Receive wellness treatments like massage, acupuncture, facials and physical therapy

  • Book a session with a professional coach for counseling on nutrition, your finances or personal and professional growth

  • Eat an organic meal while chatting with other members

  • Attend workshops and events curated just for Sphere members

What do you mean when you say “womxn”?

We choose to use the term “womxn” to be more more inclusive of the super diverse community of the Bay Area. We want anyone who identifies as a nonbinary person to feel included at Sphere.

What can I do at Sphere?

Oh, let us count the things -- work in a professional workspace, host an event for your company, have a session with a personal trainer, meet with your clients in the conference room, teach a workshop, attend a book signing, grab an organic lunch out of the refrigerator, write your novel, get a massage, meet with a therapist, take an afternoon nap, enjoy gourmet coffee or tea, work with your life coach, be in community with badass women, bring home a pre-made dinner for your family, work in silence, take a call in a phone booth, record your first podcast, make connection through our member directory, work out on a spin bike, curl up with a blanket and a book in one of our cozy nooks, make a personalized plan with a nutritionist, vibe off the energy in downtown Oakland, get an acupuncture treatment, wear slippers to work, participate in a guided meditation every morning, get stronger at a strength training class, make new friends and so much more.

Where is Sphere located?

We are proudly in the heart of downtown Oakland, California. You can find us right in front of the 12th Street BART stop at 1212 Broadway on the 3rd floor.

What are your hours of operation?

House members have access Monday - Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm. Dedicated desk and Private Office members have 24/7 access.

Why should someone join Sphere?

If you’re ready to up your game—your personal game or your professional game, we’ve got you! If you are tired of working in your stale office or Peet’s, we’ve got you. If you’re looking for a group of women to motivate you to rise to the next level, we’ve got you. If you want to be able to workout, get a massage, work with a physical therapist, meet with your life coach or get acupuncture all under one roof, we’ve got you. We have consolidated all of the things a woman wants to do in one day, under one roof.

Let us show you your new normal. Book a tour with us today!

How can I work at Sphere?

We are hiring. Check out our Job Listings. If you have something to offer that’s not listed or that we haven’t thought of yet, we’d love to hear from you! Shoot us an email at

When will Sphere be in my city?

We are looking to expand as soon as 2020. If you think you know where our next location should be, we wanna know! Email us at

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Membership Questions

How do I sign up for Sphere?

You can sign up immediately online via our Membership page.

What are the Sphere member amenities?

Amenities include unlimited daily fitness classes, fully-equipped conference rooms, phone booths, podcast / vlog recording studio, discounts on wellness treatments and event space rental, access to our Community Directory, weekly programming, workshops and member-led events, coffee, tea and snacks, tech services such as: unlimited super-fast WiFi, complimentary printing, IT support.

See our Membership page to learn more about our amenities.

What are the Sphere membership types?

We offer three basic membership types: House - access to open desks in lounge and coworking spaces; Dedicated desk - a desk to call your own and access to all communal spaces and; Office - A private office for you or your entire team including access to lounges and communal spaces. All membership packages come with amenities, please see our Membership page for descriptions of all packages and included amenities.

What are the Sphere membership fees?

Membership fees vary depending on which Membership Package you choose. Memberships starts at $120/mo.

What is a Community Funded Membership?

We believe in the power of a vibrant and diverse community, and know it takes people from all backgrounds to build one. As a way of making Sphere accessible to all women and gender non-conforming individuals, 17% of Sphere members will receive a fully funded Community Sponsored Membership.

How can I book a tour of Sphere?

Yes, come by and check it out for yourself! To book a tour, Contact Us.

Is there a commitment for membership?

We offer the ultimate flexibility. Our membership packages are month-to-month. Private offices require a year-long commitment.

Are there any sign-up fees?

We do charge a $99 initiation fee to offset our administration and new member on-boarding costs. We will waive the fee if you choose to enroll in a 6-month membership.

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Workspace Questions

Can I bring my pet to Sphere?

Yes, but only if Barky is a service dog. Our current lease doesn’t allow for other furry friends.

Can members reserve the Sphere conference rooms or other meeting spaces?

Yes, meeting space and conference rooms are complimentary to our members and are available for reservation.

Do you have phone booths at Sphere?

Yes, we have phone booths scattered throughout Sphere. Members are also allowed to make calls in our café area.

What are my parking and public transportation options at Sphere?

Lots! We are 10 steps from the 12th Street BART stop. We are on the 33 bus line route. We have indoor bike racks. Our favorite parking garage is Pacific Renaissance Plaza with entrances on Webster and Franklin at 10th Street. Rates are $2/hr.

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