We are thrilled to have you as the newest member of our Sphere family! To ensure you love Sphere as much as we do, we’ve created a few House Agreements.

Kindness always

Please treat other members, visitors, and staff as you would like to be treated. Our ability to collectively thrive depends on how we interact with one another.

Welcoming to all

We believe that a diverse community made up of people from different races, ethnicities, genders, professions, and incomes is enriching and beneficial to all. We value the voices and experiences of women and want to co-create this space with you for everyone. Please help us make Sphere a space that is welcoming, by committing to learning about our differences and commonalities, and approaching one another with open eyes and arms.

Checking in and out

Please check in and out on the front desk iPad each time you visit Sphere using your pin code. If you need a new code, please contact the front desk at


Private Office and Dedicated Desk members will be given a FOB which allows them 24/7/365 access to Sphere. House members have access to Sphere during normal business hours: 8:00 AM–5:30 PM Monday to Friday.

Building Amenities

We are fortunate to have secure, indoor bike parking in the basement of our building. If you ride a bike to Sphere, please ask the attendant at the front desk of the building to let you in and out of the secured bike room. Adjacent to the bike room are two individual shower/bathrooms. If you’d like to use a shower, ask at the Sphere front desk for an access FOB. Forgot your towel and soap? Fully stocked shower caddies are available for rent.

Working styles

Please be respectful of the various working styles of our members. To create an environment that accommodates all of our different needs, please: 

  • Use headphones instead of your in-device speaker in shared spaces

  • Please turn your phone to vibrate mode so others don’t hear your text notifications or rings

  • Hop into a phone booth or utilize the reception area when making or taking a call

  • Do not disturb members wearing headphones or a “Quiet Bead” necklace–this is a visual cue that they are not available for conversation

  • Use the coworking space that fits your energy and needs, and feel free to change it up each day!

Coworking Spaces

We offer two separate coworking spaces—The Café and Living Room, to meet the different needs of members. The Café is like a coffee shop. You’re welcome to have quiet conversations here as you work, or enjoy lunch with friends and colleagues. The Living Room is our quiet, no talking area reserved for those members who need silence for their work. 


You are welcome to invite guests to Sphere for short meetings of up to two hours. Your guests should feel free to enjoy water, coffee, tea, and snacks. You must be present when your guest checks in and during their entire stay at Sphere. We ask that you don’t have the same guest for more than two days per month. If you want the same guest to join you more frequently, they must purchase a Guest Pass ($28/day). You are responsible for your guests’ compliance with all House Agreements and Membership Terms & Conditions. 

For people 21 years and older

This coworking space is for YOU. A place where you can be productive, take a class, or swing on the hanging bench. To keep this focus on adults, all members and their visitors must be 21 years and older.

Internet and WiFi access

We provide hi-speed fiber WiFi to all Sphere members and their guests. To ensure the highest quality bandwidth for everyone, please reasonably limit VOIP over Wifi calls (Google Hangouts, Zoom, etc) and streaming. Please see the front desk for internet passwords and connection assistance.

Conference Room Reservations

Conference rooms can be booked by at the iPad near the conference room door, through our online reservation system, or by emailing the front desk at Please honor your reservations and be respectful to those after you by limiting your time to what was scheduled and leaving the space tidy and clean.


The printer/copier/scanner is available for your use. Printing credits are based on your membership level and overage fees can be found at Membership FAQs. If you have high-volume printing needs, please see the front desk so that we may assist you with a printing package or refer you to a local print shop. 

Love it like your own

We want you to have as much pride as we do in maintaining a clean and inviting space. Please care for the space and all that is in it as you would your own. Let us know when something needs our attention, fixing or improving. 


We’ve designed the Sphere kitchen to feel like home. Please make use of all our amenities (microwave, refrigerators, coffee maker) while being mindful that they are communal.  Please help us in keeping it clean by putting your dishes, cups, and silverware in the dishwasher and keeping the counter clean; and of course, let the front desk know if anything needs attention. 

Fitness Studio

The fitness studio is available for your personal use whenever a class is not in session. Please enjoy using all the equipment, Peloton bike, Peloton Tread, and on-demand classes when a fitness class or meditation is not in session. After your workout, please wipe down your mat and equipment, and return them to their homes.

Member Directory

The Sphere Member Directory is our online tool for members to connect with one another. Feel free to post business questions and needs, ask how-to questions or request recommendations for goods or services. Please be thoughtful in the way you use this platform to ensure the Member Directory is a supportive and collaborative communication tool for everyone. 


No smoking or vaping of any kind is permitted anywhere in our building.


We love fur-babies as much as you do, but our lease does not allow pets in our space so please leave them at home. Of course, you are welcome to bring your service dog that is ADA certified. 


Please be mindful of sustainability and reduce, reuse & recycle as much as possible. We have appropriate compost, recycling, and trash containers throughout Sphere. We value our space and the environment. 


The Sphere House Agreements are supplemental to your membership Term & Conditions. Please be aware that by using the space, you have accepted all terms and conditions contained in this Agreement which can be accessed any time at or upon request. House Agreements may be revised from time to time.

Thank you for your cooperation and contribution. We’re delighted to have you join the Sphere family. We can’t wait to see what you bring to the community.

Contact Us

Questions or concerns about these House Agreements or any other aspect of Sphere:

Tours and general info: or (510) 995-6145