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Self Defense Workshop with Sensei Derek Fletcher

  • Sphere Large Conference Room 1212 Broadway, 3rd Floor Oakland United States (map)

Learn the basics of self-defense and skills to protect yourself or a loved one.

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About this Event

In this 3-hour workshop, the focus will be on executing various joint locks against an attacker.

Joint locks ( e.g. wrist, arm, shoulder, fingers etc) are equally effective for men and women as it is all about anatomy and technique rather than strength.

You will also learn how to position yourself to escape or avoid common street attacks such as chokes, headlocks, bear hugs or being thrown.

Several basic open-hand strikes to vital areas (rather than punching with fists) will also be covered. 

No prior martial arts experience is required. Come learn some skills that might save your life or someone you love! Ages 16+

Price: $40