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Six Weeks to Your Signature Story

  • Sphere Large Conference Room 1212 Broadway, 3rd Floor Oakland United States (map)

Sphere Member Cara Jones is leading a one-of-a-kind 6 week story class designed to help you reclaim your voice along with your untold story!

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Understanding your leadership story for yourself (first) and then sharing it with others is the critical (and too often missed) step in growing your visibility and your work.

Your stories are the most unique thing about you. They will help clarify your deepest values and become a foundational part of your business and brand.

They will make your ideal clients know you, love you, trust you in deeper ways than any marketing formula or fad...and are the most powerful tools for impact you’ve got.

Once you get clear on the stories that define your leadership and, most importantly, what you have to say about gets so much easier to put yourself out there.

Learning to create and share your stories is both a process and a practice. In the practice of leading with your most authentic self, you will not only take your work to the next level. You will work through old patterns (revealed through your stories) that have kept you safe and small.

You will grow along with your business and get more courageous, bold and free.

If you have disregarded your story believing that 1) you don’t have a story or 2) that your story is irrelevant or too sad, personal or shameful…chances are you may also find that:

  • You know you have something big to say but haven’t figured out exactly what that is. You may feel unclear about your core message and heavy with truth.

  • You have a strong desire to “get out there” but more often find yourself hiding…and possibly spending too much time comparing yourself to others in your field.

  • You feel the potential for your work to connect with people on a deep level …but you’re not yet reaching them, growing a following or converting clients.

Authentic visibility is rooted in your values and life experience. It is hard to put yourself out in the world when you haven’t yet discovered the wisdom born out of your personal and professional journey …or how to express it.

As you explore your story and make meaning out of it, you will:

  • Find deep clarity on why you are here and what you have to say

  • Reach more clients, colleagues and even loved ones with deeper impact

  • Unlock a voice that has been held back along with your unexpressed story

  • Get courageous, bold and free

This weekly class starts Oct 3rd 3:30-5pm through November 7th.

Cara is hoping to fill this class with Sphere members and offering a $50 discount on the class and $100 discount on class + 1-1 coaching if you sign up before September 20th!

Price: $250-$300 for 6 week class
Promo Code: SPHERE

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