Expertise included.

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Upcoming Events


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We Believe in Continual Growth and Learning

That’s why weekly Sphere Connect events, typically held over the lunch hour, are included in your Sphere membership. Choose from a variety of “brown-bag” talks and workshops on topics such as entrepreneurship, wellness, creativity, inspiration and writing.

Signature Events: From time to time, we’ll host prominent speakers and thought leaders for special events. Sphere members will receive generous discounts on tickets for these events.

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Sphere Events


Choose the events and workshops that are right for you.



Whether you’ve got an embryonic idea or a fully formed venture, you can find support and community here with other entrepreneurs. Guest speakers will offer advice and inspiration to help you nurture that great business plan and watch it thrive.



Writing is a solitary pursuit, but it doesn’t have to be lonely. Meet others who know what it’s like to face the blank page. We’ll share our experiences, tips, resources and accomplishments in a supportive environment. Guest authors will join us periodically for readings and workshops.


Creativity and Expression

Free your artistic side, and let it flourish in community! We’ll welcome artists, designers and other creative types who will spark our need for self-expression as they share tips and techniques.

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Learn new ways to care for your body, mind and soul. Practitioners from a variety of modalities will present on topics related to health and wellness. You’ll leave rejuvenated, relaxed and energized.

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Members Directory
and Community Board.

Discover the many resources in your Sphere. 

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Host an Event at Sphere

We’re thrilled to make Sphere available for weekend and evening events. Learn more

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Speak At Sphere

Do you have unique talents or expertise you would like to share with the Sphere community? Then we want to talk to you! 

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