Stronger together.


Sphere Core Values

♀ Women Inspiring Women

We believe strongly that women rise in community with one another. At Sphere, our goal is to create a space where women can work and create in proximity to one another and be lifted by each other’s energy.

Built with intention

We lovingly choose every feature, amenity and offering at Sphere based on whether it supports our mission: To make Sphere a place where women can work, connect, move, grow, and be nourished.

♥Kindness always

Kindness is the underpinning to everything we do at Sphere. Without kindness, we have nothing.

Welcoming to All

Simply saying we value diversity and inclusion is just half the story. The second—and more important part—is putting those values into practice. We strive to ensure that everyone who enters Sphere feels truly welcome.

Keep It Local

We are committed to supporting the strong, diverse women of Oakland by providing a vibrant work and wellness space, and prioritizing local Oakland businesses for Sphere partnerships.

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Meet the Team


Alexandra Bigley

Events & Experiences Curator


Signy Judd

Co-Founder & CWO


Brittany Luby

Design Specialist


Carrie Burch

Member Experience Manager


Annie Leverich

Membership Director


Gina Tega

Co-founder & CEO


Heather Gersh

Fitness and Wellness Director


Marielle Lorenz

Co-Founder & COO


Lily Williams

Equity and Community Outreach Director

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